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while the usda has not officially stated whether schools operating under the sso waiver may still collect nslp applications, based on previous guidance and the obvious need for leas to collect nslp applications for p-ebt purposes, the cde believes that leas have two options for collecting the needed frpm eligibility data in 2021−22 for lcff and p-ebt: the cde will continue to keep leas informed as federal guidance is issued. to be eligible for p-ebt, a student must be enrolled in a school that is participating in the nslp or school breakfast program (sbp).

the lcff statute established the alternative household income form to collect the frpm-eligibility status of students enrolled in schools that do not collect nslp applications because they do not participate in nslp or sbp, or because they operate an nslp and/or sbp under cep or provision 2 or 3, which prohibits the collection of nslp applications all together or just in base-years. these schools collect nslp applications only in the base year, and are prohibited from collecting applications in subsequent years the school is on a provision 2 or 3 status, except to reestablish a base year. schools opting to participate in sso may use the nslp application or the alternative household income form to collect data required for the lcff and p-ebt.

2021–22 independent study attendance accounting and instructional time frequently asked questions (faqs) (updated 06-aug-2021) the school fiscal services division hosted a webinar on august 3, 2021, to provide guidance on independent study attendance accounting and instructional time changes in effect for fiscal year 2021–22 pursuant to assembly bill 98 (chapter 44, statutes of 2021). excel version of the instructional time requirements (xlsx) the excel version of the instructional time requirements above. not applicable to the 2020–21 school year, see below for 2020–21 requirements. 2020–21 instructional time and attendance accounting resources resources and documents applicable only to the 2020–21 school year for the principal apportionment, instructional time, attendance accounting, attendance reporting, and the form j-13a.

55 home learning refleksi pendidikan indonesia realita pembelajaran saat ini perubahan pemikiran dan perilaku yang harus dipahami. an english learner (el), identified in calpads on or before census day. local educational agencies (leas) are required to certify the data used information and resources regarding instructional time and attendance accounting requirements. faqs about the independent study offering requirement, waivers,, .

lcsd 55 strives to provide grade-level and standards-based learning packets, online learning opportunities, and other resources to help students continue their if we experience a local lockdown or a child or class needs to self-isolate, we will provide home learning via the class pages tab on the school website st joseph’s school dargaville. search homelearning at homehome learning site. welcome our school our vision our special character, .

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